MIP Fund Accounting Software

A comprehensive, scalable system for financial management and informed decision making

Take charge of your organization’s financial story

Track every dollar from donation to project.


Flex and scale with your organization's needs.

Streamline human resource management.

Adapt to change with custom reporting.

Achieve true fund accounting with MIP.

With MIP, you get purpose-built technology designed to meet the unique complexities of nonprofit financial management. As a true fund accountingTM system, MIP:

  • Supports multi-dimensional charts of account
  • Provides a clear audit trail and fraud protection
  • Includes GASB- and FASB-compliant reports
  • Enables financial transparency to stakeholders at all levels
  • Easily integrates with other mission-critical systems

Take your fund accounting to new heights with MIP Cloud.

Is your organization ready to move to the cloud? Enjoy industry-leading MIP in our best-in-class modern interface – entirely in the cloud.

Enjoy the freedom of a scalable, configurable fund accounting solution.

From the general ledger and accounts payable to payroll, human resource management and more, you can choose the features you need today with the flexibility to add more as your organization grows.

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