School Fund Accounting

When running anything from a kindergarten to a prestigious university, accounting is a complex process that requires an eye for detail and a dedication to students.
At MIP, our accounting software enhances the financial management experience at educational institutions. Paired with our parent company, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you connect with students and ensure trustworthy fund governance. If you're looking for accounting software for colleges and universities or need a simple way to improve your fundraising efforts, we have the right solution for you.

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Manage Accounting in Schools With MIP

The MIP Fund Accounting software solution helps schools streamline their financial processes. Whether you’re a K-12 institution, college or university, our user-friendly and customizable software introduces ease to accounting concerns.

As institutions that receive revenue from multiple sources — donors, enrolled students and organizations — schools must have an organized space for tracking funding. When managing school payroll, accounting software from MIP can help you allocate funds to your hardworking administrators and teachers.

With MIP cloud accounting software, you can give your financial department greater accessibility. Manage funds from any device and have peace of mind knowing your information is always backed up. Our cloud option also keeps the software maintenance-free on your end, giving you more time to focus on financial management.

Whether you choose our cloud or on-premise software, you can expect compliance with financial regulations, reliable security for sensitive data and easy access to audit trails. MIP Fund Accounting software is entirely scalable. As your school grows, you can add more capabilities and handle more significant amounts of data. Our purpose-built software is prepared to modernize your school fund accounting process.

Depend on Constant Support From Community Brands

MIP’s parent company, Community Brands, provides further support for your school fund accounting. With our software capabilities, you can introduce college tuition management software with a single solution. You can also offer a user-friendly interface for enrolled students to make every payment in one spot, and keep track of financial aid when students need tuition assistance.

Diamond Mind™ is a streamlined campus payment solution that goes beyond tuition management. Create branded online forms for payments made to the campus through programs, events and auctions. Boost fundraising efforts with mobile bidding to introduce convenience and encourage larger turnouts.

Community Brands also helps you connect with your enrolled students and their families. Enrollment management solutions allow you to identify your market and cater to students who align with your school’s vision. Help families understand the enrollment process with step-by-step guidance during applications and payments, and assess and support financial need to create a customized experience.

With student information management, you can catalog valuable information to facilitate connections between students and teachers. Integrate information management across your school to help students feel welcome and introduce efficiency. With student information management, you can create an environment designed for success.

Contact MIP for School Payroll Accounting Software

Give your school fund accounting the facilitation it needs with MIP. Create budgets, allocate funds and support student needs with our single software solution. Try out our software today by requesting a demo, or contact us with any questions. We look forward to partnering with your institution!

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