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The Best Accounting Software for Governments

When it comes to governing, your agency is obligated to closely manage expenditures and funds. With 30+ years of experience, MIP® is the fund accounting solution for governments and municipalities. Manage your books, account for complex financial processes, and streamline human resources with our single software platform. MIP Fund Accounting® is a true partner that supports your municipality’s financial needs, increases efficiency, all while ensuring your data is secure and accessible from wherever you are.

Here’s How We Work With Government

Track unlimited funds and report those funds anyway you want them. Our robust reporting suite lets your agency track and distinguish between each of your fund sources.    

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MIP Fund Accounting® features industry leading security features to prevent unauthorized third party entry, and offers a complete audit trail to show you whose accessing your accounts and when.  

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Our robust reporting suite lets your nonprofits track and distinguish between each of your fund sources, and allows you to report them however you see fit. 

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We’ve incorporated both GASB and FASB principles to ensure your reports follow necessary financial reporting standards to keep your agency compliant.  

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Your budget is a living, breathing document. It needs to change as your year evolves. MIP® offers unlimited budgeting scenarios, incorporating any “what-if” scenario, you can throw at it.  

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Our payroll and HR modules automate your organization HR department. Offering a 24/7 connected portal, your employees can access HR services anytime they need them. The payroll module eases the administrative burden on your HR team, and processes pay at the click of a button.  

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Our future-proof software has a robust set of modules that can be effortlessly added to your core software to grow as your agency grows. 

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Common myths debunked

We don’t need a fund accounting solution customized to governments?

Your agency has a robust set of standards and compliance requirements that other software solutions can’t accommodate. MIP ensures you’re checking every box and reporting every figure accurately and compliantly. MIP is a trusted, proven solution with a history of success in governmental accounting.  

We can document everything in Excel, why would we need a software program?

Our spreadsheet-less service makes your agency ready for the future. From tracking, to forecasting, to reporting, our all-in-one solution makes your accounting process easier and streamlined, and with our robust module set, we’re ready to grow as you grow.  

Why do want to invest in a fund accounting platform?

MIP has a robust reporting platform, from simple dashboards for immediate, real-time insight into your finances, to in-depth analysis with ad hoc financial reports, you control how to present your information. We offer true fund accounting, a support team that knows you’re more than just a support ticket. 

Ready to improve your government agency fund accounting software?

Improve your accounting processes and government agency engagement today with MIP® and Community Brands. Want to learn more? Contact us today to talk to one of our representatives.


We use MIP Fund Accounting and HR component for county government. .... MIP replaced an outdated system that leaned heavily on manual work, spreadsheets, and piles of paperwork. MIP automates the manual work, organizes our information, and turned most of our paperwork to digital. It also has the latest tax and HR information helping us to be accurate and ease the burden on our employees.

Wesley B.

Director of Information with Callaway County 

MIP Fund Accounting (formerly Abila MIP) is well suited to handle both our governmental entity issues as well as our consultant work. I love the support chat option. ... The option to type back and forth is very nice. I have also received excellent service when I've needed to call for support.

Nicole M.

Headwaters Regional Development Commission

MIP provides detailed customization to fit your organization rather than force you to use an out-of-the-box configuration that may not suit your needs. [It] is easy to set up and uses industry-standard SQL Server back end so backups and restores are easy.

Arthur T.

Martinez Tribal Tanf

We had limited resources in our city. Towns have limited budgets, so we had to start with the intention of finding a solution that would grow with us for the long term.

Judy M.

Town Clerk, Town of Rising Sun

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