Better Together:

Accounting and Fundraising for Nonprofits and Schools


Top-Line Efficiency

When you use accounting and fundraising software in tandem, you’re most effectively sharing your organization’s financial story. Using an award-winning suite of software solutions ensures your fundraising and accounting teams are best collaborating on accomplishing your goals.


Make your Mission a Movement with GiveSmart

GiveSmart is the foundation that drives year-round fundraising. Its easy-to-use, dependable features scale for any sized nonprofit or school. From fully customizable, embeddable online donation forms to unlimited peer-to-peer campaigns, virtual event management, event ticketing, donor management, and text-to-donate, GiveSmart helps thousands of organizations achieve fundraising and donor management goals.


Account for Your Future

with MIP

MIP Fund Accounting is a cloud-based accounting software built with nonprofits and schools in mind. For over 40 years, we’ve helped thousands of organizations track every fund and follow every dollar. Efficiently run core accounting workflows, create and collaborate on unlimited budget versions, and integrate HR and payroll into your accounting system, so you can tell your story to your board with our dynamic reporting.

Comprehensive Fundraising and Donor Management that Drives Your Mission

With MIP and GiveSmart, you can instantly create, deploy, and track the most effective online-driven fundraising campaigns and events at your organization.  

With over $1 billion raised annually, GiveSmart is the trusted choice for your nonprofit or school.

GiveSmart helps you: 

Stay on Track

Drive Donor Engagement

Promote your mission and streamline your events with our award-winning auction management, ticketing, seating and golfer grouping, mobile bidding, live event displays, and more!  

Adapt to Changing Needs

Be Flexible with Your Fundraising

Adapt to changing needs with flexible tools for online fundraising options for nonprofits and schools Engage volunteers with dynamic online fundraising, peer-to-peer campaigns, voting competitions, sponsorship activation, and more. 

Connect with Modern Donors

Connect with Your Donors

More easily show and share impact. With our robust reporting and smart search, your team and board gain more insight into your supporters’ motivations, history, and potential so that you can create insightful campaigns that raise more 

_Promote Your Mission

Focus on What Matters Most

With GiveSmart, enjoy one contract, one payment, and one vendor partner that provides endless fundraising possibilities, all year round.

Complete Accounting That Tells Your Story

With MIP, you can easily tell the story of your organization's fundraising and impact. Securely track unlimited funds, donations, grantors, and more. Report on them in a way that fits your unique needs. Our robust reporting suite lets your nonprofit or school track and distinguish between each of your fund sources.

MIP helps you:

Comprehensive Reporting

Report to Your Board

MIP offers 340 out-of-the-box reports. You can also create reports unique to your organization and generate them directly within MIP without relying on cumbersome third-party solutions 

Budget Management

Better Manage Your Budget

Create and collaborate on unlimited budget versions and build budgets against grants that span multiple periods. Improve staff efficiency with access to financial data in an integrated system and track expenses against grants and easily generate budgets to actuals to ensure your nonprofit or school remain strong fiscal stewards. 

Integrated Payroll and HR

Support Your Team with Integrated Payroll and HR

Track time to allocate payroll by grants, projects, or locations and produce timely and accurate pay for employees. Stay compliant with federal and state tax requirements. With an integrated HR solution, easily track employee data like certifications, time off, benefit plans, and more. 

Improved Team Efficiency

Improved Team Efficiency

Automate data entry, eliminate errors, and save your organization time. MIP makes managing multiple funds simple. With built-in automation and “two-click” data imports, MIP can increase staff effectiveness and productivity. 

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