Robust Reporting That Works For You.

Tell Your Nonprofit’s Fiscal Story Faster. Easier. Better. Take the work out of reporting with MIP's drag-and-drop report editor.

Reporting capability overview

Create reports unique to your organization with our report editor featuring over 130 out-of-the-box dynamic report templates to quickly convey the information you’re looking for. Need more detailed reports? Create your own effortlessly, share them among staff, and add them to your repository. 

Create reports in minutes instead of hours or days and spend more time analyzing your data to make informed financial decisions. Tell your organization’s financial story effectively to stakeholders and donors.  

Flexible Features

Reporting Made Easy

Virtually Unlimited Vendor Activity Analysis

Simplified AR Functions

Unlimited Invoicing with Custom Billing

Automatic Bank Reconciliation

Driven Fiscal Insights

Complete Compliance

Ace the Audit

Informed Budgeting


Reports Manager & Dashboards Icon

Reports Manager & Dashboards

Eliminate manual report creation and overhead with our MIP Dashboard in MIP Cloud. Give need-to-know stakeholders insights and transparency into charts and dashboards, drill-down to transaction-level details, and more! With our customizable dashboards, research and review of specific grant information, programs, and funds are easily accessible. Easily access all your go-to reports visually and access easily from the main dashboard, and extend your reporting capabilities with DrillPoint Reports, our integrated Excel® Add-In.

Reporting for Grants

Reporting for Grants

Make reporting on grants easier. With our Grant Administration module, you can track details like grantor name, grants official, contact information, grant period, reporting periods, indirect cost rate, and more all from within MIP. You can even customize the details tracked by adding user-defined fields for grant records.

130+ Out-of-the-Box Reports Icon

130+ Out-of-the-Box Reports

Easily create reports like: Statement of Financial Position/Balance Sheet, Statement of Functional Expenses, Statement of Revenues & Expenditures, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities/Income Statement, Cash Flow, General Ledger Reports,  Budget Reports and more

Complete Compliance Icon

Complete Compliance

GAAP- and FASB-compliant reporting specifically designed and updated for nonprofit organizations. The GASB Reporting module includes the tools needed to easily create GASB-compliant reports for government organizations.

Ready for Budgeting & Audit Icon

Ready for Budgeting
& Audit

Easily generate budget performance reports, including basic budget-to-actual comparisons, trend reports, forecasting reports, and reports spanning different fiscal timeframes.

People Power Icon

People Power

Meet MIP People, our integrated Payroll and HR solution. Manage your payroll, administer and maintain employee records, track benefit enrollments, and produce required documentation, such as tax documents, effortlessly. Easily create critical employee paperwork electronically including employee pay and withholding documents, vendor/contract payments, and ACA-related 1095 forms through our partner Aatrix.

Reports Manager 

Paperless Workflows

Create a paperless office and make your organization more sustainable with Microix Workflow Solutions, a fully integrated MIP module, and streamline your requisition, purchasing, inventory, budgeting, and timesheet processes! Simply build an end-to-end purchasing workflow from requisition to approval and purchasing with its vendor punchout catalog.  
Make your payroll seamless by meeting employees wherever they are through a variety of time clocks. Microix enables you to flow information seamlessly all while benefiting from the advanced security and audit capabilities MIP is known for.

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Reviews from
Happy Customers

If we need to see how much we’ve spent with these different funds, I’ve set them all up as programs, and because each fund is different, we have to report them [differently.] ... If I just need to see how much we’ve spent in Title III C1 for this amount of time, I like being able to pull that up without needing several different reports

Cindy Lewis

CFO of the Area Agency on Aging of Southwest Arkansas

“Every new employee who has worked in the system has been able to quickly and easily understand and use MIP.”

Humberto Duran

CFO, Mariposa Community Health Center

“Our greatest challenge with our organization is the multiple programs we offer and the different funding sources we have to report to. We have foundations, we have grants, and we have individual donors.”

Karen Kelly

Executive Director, Homer Senior Citizen’s Incorporated

“Moving to the cloud subscription was really integral to us. If something happened to this building, or if we had some sort of catastrophic event here, we’d still have access to everything by way of the cloud.”

Alison Rumler-Gomez

Executive Director, CAPCIL

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