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Effectively connect with people and information

Millennium software is a comprehensive donor relationship management tool that provides your nonprofit with a 360-degree view of donations, communications, events, and personal contacts. Support your entire development strategy including events, campaigns, and memberships. 

Donors are crucial to your mission. Millennium allows you to dive into their profiles tracking elements like donation amounts and campaigns as well as relationships with key stakeholders.  

Millennium software helps nonprofits securely identify and create donor lists that can be used for powerful targeted fundraising campaigns.

Millennium software that helps nonprofits

Build Donor Relationships

Identify key relationships and giving patterns among donors and create custom strategies for reaching those donors and ensuring they feel known and connected to your mission as well.  

Uncover key trends, measure campaign success, and share information quickly to track the progress and effectiveness of fundraising efforts. Being able to measure, compare, and contrast campaign success and campaign improvement areas are key to raising more dollars. With Millennium you’re able to drill down into campaign trends to better plan your fundraising campaigns for present and future donors.  

Create targeted campaigns and events for donors who are passionate about a specific aspect of your mission. Donors want to see where their dollars are used and being able to do a highlight campaign of how those funds are being used and why your mission would benefit from more donors dollars helps you stay connected to your mission and your donors. 

Meet the Millennium Drive

All the information you need today, tomorrow, and always.

Millennium Drive is a robust feature that makes it simple for Major Gift Officers to access, enter, and query relevant donor information anywhere, and at any time, so they can focus on building relationships and cultivating gifts, not on entering data and building reports.

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Success Story: University of Puget Sound

For over 10 years, the University of Puget Sound has been using a comprehensive donor relationship management tool, Millennium by Community Brands. An educational institution for higher learning, Puget Sound employs about 600 staff members, manages data for some 3,000 students and their parents, and manages records for 42,000 alumni.  

Puget Sound’s Director of University Relations Information Services, Sean Vincent, finds the Millennium fundraising solution instrumental to the success of the university. Their ability to manage critical data, connect more effectively with donors, and run financial fundraising campaigns has helped the university greatly. 

As a personal user of Millennium, Sean experiences the benefits firsthand. They’re able to customize the system and perform updates easily, without affecting their infrastructure or disrupting their staff.