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2023 Trends and Insights

into the State of Nonprofits, Schools, and Local Government 

Opportunity defines 2023. Nonprofits, schools, and local government organizations are finding new ways to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Even though the year-end economic climate created uncertainty, organizations are responding to the clarion call of opportunity.  

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Use the key insights inside to better understand the state of finance and accounting

These takeaways can help inform your decision-making and tech investment strategy as your organization navigates throughout the year. 


2023 Complete

Trends and Insights Report

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2023 Nonprofit

Trends and Insights Report

Nonprofit section of 2023 research study

2023 Government

Trends and Insights Report

Government section of Trends and Insights Report

2023 Education

Trends and Insights Report

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This report includes finance insights from:

  • CEOs and Presidents 
  • C-Suite Executives 
  • Vice Presidents 
  • Directors and Managers 
  • Operational Employees 

Some Key Takeaways

2023 Research Study LP-28

3 out of 4

organizations expect the U.S. economy to improve in 2023 

2023 Research Study LP
MIIP_Economic Outlook (755 × 444 px) (1)
MIIP_Investment in Cloud Technology (755 × 444 px) (1)
2023 Research Study LP-29

have moved their accounting to the cloud

2023 Research Study LP
2023 Research Study LP-30

54% to 69%

of organizations believe access to qualified new hires will increase this year

2023 Research Study LP
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2023 Research Study LP-31

More than half of organizations plan to further integrate tech or migrate legacy systems to the cloud in 2023

2023 Research Study LP

This report includes insights into:

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Accounting/Financial Systems  

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Grant Management

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Utility Billing

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Service Management

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