Software Solutions for Nonprofits

Increase efficiency, drive donor engagement, and generate greater returns with the Community Brands suite of nonprofit solutions.
The nonprofit software suite helps organizations generate a greater impact for their causes through integrated solutions for fund accounting, donor management, fundraising, and events. Easy-to-use digital solutions enable volunteers and staff to achieve more for their organizations.

Fund Accounting

MIP Fund Accounting®
MIP® Cloud

Online Fundraising

Abila Fundraising Online™

Event Fundraising


Donor Management

Abila Fundraising 50™

Use the Best Accounting Software for 501(c)3s

501(c)3 organizations have to manage expenditures and funds with a close eye to keep their operations successful. MIP Fund Accounting software provides comprehensive financial management for your nonprofit organization. Manage your books, account for complex financial processes and streamline human resource concerns with our single software platform. With MIP’s bookkeeping software, you can track every dollar going in and out and scale with your organization’s growth.

Our accounting software is compliant, safe and easily integrated with other organizational systems. Personalize your software to meet your needs, and add capabilities as your nonprofit expands. With our cloud integration option, you can further streamline your MIP accounting with software access on any device and zero maintenance on your end.

At MIP, we offer true fund accounting for nonprofits in an accessible, user-friendly solution. Make the most of your nonprofit organization, and count on us for reliable accounting software.

Benefit From Community Brands

Beyond our fund accounting software for nonprofits, our parent company, Community Brands, offers complete support for your 501(c)3 processes. Track your finances while building donor loyalty and creating effective fundraisers. With Community Brands, you can:

  • Develop tailored fundraising campaigns: Use tools to craft an individualized fundraising experience for your donors with social media initiatives and organized events.
  • Introduce mobile bidding: Modernize your fundraising efforts with mobile bidding that supports live tracking and active event support.
  • Increase personalized engagement with donors: Understand your donors, build relationships and tailor communication with a scalable donor management system.

Contact Us for Nonprofit Fund Accounting Software

Improve your accounting processes and nonprofit engagement today with MIP and Community Brands. Want to learn more? Contact us today to talk to one of our representatives. You can also request a demo to try out our fund accounting software for yourself.

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