We’ve rounded up our best resources on fraud prevention and reduction.

Take time to read through these and see how many practices your nonprofit has in place! 

Best practices for your nonprofit audit 
This resource highlights how to select the right auditor, prepare for an audit, and reduce costs associated with an audit. Read Now

Reducing fraud and embezzlement
Read this resource to identify potential fraud red flags to look for in accounts payable processing and how to monitor data for fraud internally. Read Now  

5 Ways to prevent fraud
Do you annually go through and review your employee records for duplicates or names or social security numbers? This post features insight on how to reduce employee ghosting opportunities for fraud. Read Now

10 Steps to decrease fraud
Read this post and get strategic information on how to create and put a nonprofit fraud policy in place for increased proactive fraud prevention. Read Now

Nonprofit Audit Webinar
This popular on-demand webinar provides insight on the fundamental nuts and bolts of an audit and how to select the right auditor for your organization. Watch Webinar 

For more data and insight on fraud, you can also review the Association of Fraud Examiners –Report to the Nations 2020 Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse. Please feel free to download our most recent Webinar recording – Positioning for growth by preventing fraud in your nonprofit.

This September webinar highlighted the checks and balances required to ensure your accounting system is robust enough to prevent fraud in your nonprofit. It also features strategic insights on how nonprofits can set internal controls to prevent fraud and internal controls to detect fraud. Learn the best practices for putting a fraud policy in place to ensure every employee can proactively and securely report suspicious or potentially fraudulent activities! 


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