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Are you ready to automate your mission?

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We’re excited to share these tips from MIP Fund Accounting’s Neil Taurins as featured on HRZone.com 

The HRZone article will help you discern how HR software solutions can enable your organization to automate and streamline efficiency for your mission. By working smarter, not harder you’ll be able to expand your mission and grow your reach! 

As the article notes, starting with the basics including doing a needs analysis is a key first step. In this step you will be gathering a team or committee together and identify the goals of increasing your HR automation. You will want to understand how your current software solution impacts your mission or goals. Is the solution meeting your needs currently and if not, what is the impact you would like to see a new solution make for you? What tasks are a must for a new solution to streamline?  

For instance, is your team tackling multiple manual tasks in reporting, payroll, or updating employee information and could you benefit from a more robust solution to save those manual hours? Do you want a system that will provide strong internal controls to reduce fraud opportunities?  

Can your current IT structure support a new solution? What staff will be working with this new solution and what is the timeframe for implementation and training that you would hope to see?  

Other questions in a needs analysis might include:  

  • What problems will the new software solution help us address?  
  • What training will our employees need to shift to the new solution? 
  • Are there vendors willing to give you customers to reach out to so you can hear directly from a customer of the solution and how they are using it? 
  • How much downtime if any will your solution has when the new HR solution is implemented.  
  • What will the direct and indirect cost to purchasing the new solution be? (Tip. Next step is setting the budget range for a solution you can purchase.) 

To read more about how to find the best solution for automation – click here for full article.

For information on MIP Fund Accounting and how our solution can power your mission – go to www.mip.com 

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