Finding the right accounting software for your association

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There’s nothing simple about managing the financials of an association. The day-to-day challenges of collecting membership dues, budgeting and reporting can easily turn your job into one hectic spreadsheet. The right accounting software is the difference between a walk in the park and a whole lot more work for staff; using the right technology will not only benefit your employees and members, but your organization as a whole. Here are a few ways you can streamline your accounting tasks and ensure your organization is set up for growth with the right accounting software for your association.

Improve data security with cloud accounting software

In an age where technology has found a way to solve and simplify the tasks we encounter every single day, fraud and security are still a constant concern. Afterall, hackers are becoming savvier. Your accounting software should keep information safe by storing member information in a secure environment. Cloud-based accounting solutions like MIP®, features data encryption that keeps information safe and allows you to forgo things like hardware and upgrades that are associated with on-premises software.

Easily manage finances and growth

Having all of your organization’s information in one place gives you more visibility into the overall health of your association. With accounting software built for associations, you can easily monitor finances and navigate the complexities of multiple revenue sources, funding requirements, compliance and reporting standards, audit preparation and more. This type of real-time operational and financial visibility offers a comprehensive, configurable system for better decision making.

Save employees time and streamline work

Often overlooked is how an accounting software can benefit your organization at the employee level. By using the right technology solution, associations can save time and streamline their processes as a whole. When choosing a solution, take into consideration the integrations and add-on functionality available based on your unique needs. A software option like MIP improves your organization’s human resource management directly from its integrated accounting system. In addition to these time-saving benefits, MIP is integrated with association management systems, learning management, career centers, event management and payment services to ensure you have a true end-to-end integrated suite, with no lost information.

Deliver more value to members

The lifeblood of an organization is its members, so measures should be taken to keep them happy. MIP’s accounting software for associations is so much more than just accounting, it features an advanced customer relationship management (CRM) tool that allows you to track member data and tailor emails and communications to their specific needs. This results in higher member retention and easier prospecting for potential members.

Advanced payment processing capabilities make it easy for members to make payments, allowing you to track funds and create higher levels of financial transparency.

MIP accounting software does it all

When MIP was created, it was built to provide a solution that works seamlessly and help associations provide the personalized experience to their members and prospects. MIP works with associations to grow memberships and revenue, while engaging staff with its integrations to other technologies solutions used in an organization.

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