MIP Fund Accounting gives you the freedom to choose.

Comprehensive and scalable, MIP Fund Accounting is available in your choice of deployment, based on your organization’s unique needs. Best of all, you have the freedom to switch if or when you are ready.
With more than 30 years as the industry leader for fund accounting, we are continuing to expand MIP as a truly innovative, best-in-class solution. It’s built from the ground up specifically for the modern nonprofit.
MIP Cloud

Organizations that choose MIP Cloud:

  • Are already in the cloud or ready to move
  • Prefer a web-based, modern UI
  • Have reliable internet connectivity
  • Support staff that are in multiple locations
  • Desire anytime, anywhere access
  • Prefer to pay a single monthly subscription
  • Do not have full-time IT staff, or prefer lessened IT overhead

Cloud fund accounting simplifies the financial management process. With your data always up to date and upgrades and maintenance out of mind, you can save time and reap the benefits of reliable financial management. 

Online nonprofit accounting software is ideal for organizations, small to large, who’d like to downsize their IT department and streamline their financial processes. If your organization doesn’t have unique accounting needs and wants to automate its accounting operations, cloud-based software is the best route for you. 

MIP On-Premises

Organizations that choose MIP on-site:

  • Require an on-premises accounting system because of IT policies
  • Support staff that are primarily co-located
  • Prefer to pay up front with annual maintenance and support
  • Have in-house or contracted IT staff
  • Prefer to maintain control of product upgrades

If you’re looking for on-premise fund accounting to comply with IT policies, we have the solution for you. As opposed to our cloud fund accounting, this system provides software implemented on-site with a full team of contracted IT staff. You’ll have access to your program from your location, trustworthy security and compliance, and constant support from our nearest team members. 

Our in-house software comes with all the same program capabilities as our cloud-based software, but you have greater control over technical processes. On-campus fund accounting software is particularly beneficial to organizations in need of unique or specialized accounting procedures and infrastructure. With more control over updates and maintenance, you can tailor our software to your business practices. Your IT staff can grow with your company as your software adapts to your expanding financial needs.

Here’s what finance + nonprofit professionals say about MIP Fund Accounting.

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“Every new employee who has worked in the system has been able to quickly and easily understand and use MIP.”

-- Humberto Duran, Chief Financial Officer, Mariposa Community Health Center


"Our greatest challenge with our organization is the multiple programs we offer and the different funding sources we have to report to. We have foundations, we have grants, and we have individual donors. MIP has allowed us to pull all these pieces together and report even in different fiscal years versus calendar year, as well as provide excellent board reports to our board.”

-- Karen Kelly, Executive Director, Homer Senior Citizen’s Incorporated

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“Moving to the cloud subscription was really integral to us. If something happened to this building, or if we had some sort of catastrophic event here, we’d still have access to everything by way of the cloud.”

-- Alison Rumler-Gomez, Executive Director, CAPCIL