Fight procrastination: The time is now to move your association’s accounting software to the cloud

In the association world, where deadlines are pressing and time is of the essence, procrastination can become a hinderance on your organization. National Fight Procrastination Day is September 6th, so it’s time to quit putting off those small tasks that can make your organization more productive. On top of your list of items to complete should be migrating your association’s accounting software to the cloud. Relying on cloud accounting software solutions gives your association added security, greater flexibility for employees and easily scalable solutions for when your non-profit needs them most.

Enhance Your Organization’s Security.

For some, putting off migrating to the cloud is a question of security. However, cloud-based programs actually offer higher levels of data encryption and security to your organization. For example, MIP® Accounting utilizes robust data storage centers, which are frequently audited and backed-up for enhanced protection against looming cybersecurity threats. An added bonus of the cloud is there is a lower cost of ownership. Because data storage centers are constantly monitored, the need for IT department monitoring from your team is eliminated; freeing up employees to work on other crucial tasks.

Keep Your Company Flexible.

In the digital age we live in, procrastination is a hinderance that can cause an organization to get lost in the mix. By making the decision to migrate to the cloud, you’ll be able to create greater flexibility throughout your association and help employees meet deadlines with ease. Use of the cloud offers workers the option to work remotely and access important information so that deliverables are completed on time, no matter where they may be located. Not only is this a great perk to offer employees but can help eliminate downtime in the case of an unexpected event.

Scale Up as Your Needs Grow.

Accounting solutions for your association should be scalable to fit your need in an ever-changing environment. By deciding to quit putting off your migration, you’re giving your organization the tools needed to grow. Cloud accounting software solutions are designed to grow with you and provide quick access to the tools needed for success. Having a scalable solution will create greater ease in delivering association members with an unforgettable experience while also giving you the option to add new employees to satisfy those members’ needs.

Don’t let your urge to “put if off until tomorrow” get the best of you. This Fight Procrastination Day take the plunge and migrate to cloud accounting for your organization. In the long-run, you’ll be glad you stopped delaying this crucial transformation.

Want to learn more about the benefits of migration your organization to the cloud? See how finance professionals are enjoying the ease of work with MIP Accounting.

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