Navigating the Pivot: Finding Sustained Success for Tribal and Governmental Organizations with Accounting Software

Government and tribal organizations have specific needs that can be better served with specialized accounting software. If your organization is using multiple systems to handle your day-to-day accounting, payroll, and reporting, it may be time to review what a fund accounting system can do independently. Here, we explore the common issues fund accounting systems solve…

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MIP Customer Resource Library: How to Maximize MIP to Prevent Fraud, Audit, and Compliance 

22_Q3_Maximize MIP to Prevent Fraud_Blog

Your organization is already in charge of its financial story using MIP Fund Accounting®. Regarding fraud, audit, and compliance, we’ve also got you covered. MIP helps fight fraud, speeds up the audit process, and ensures your organization is always compliant. We want to ensure your nonprofit organization makes informed financial decisions and that your organization…

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Tips for Grant Tracking

Create a Calendar Coordinate Team Roles and Responsibilities Tracking and Reporting Use Software Grants are essential for nonprofit organizations, and they are responsible for much of the good work that happens within communities. Managing your grants is essential to ensure your organization’s success. After the application process, receiving and tracking your grant funding is a…

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Nonprofit Leadership in 2022: Up in the Cloud 

2022_Q2_MIP Research Study_Leadership Outlook

Up in the sky, what’s that? Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s proactive nonprofits migrating to cloud-based solutions in 2022.   Going into 2022, 88% of VP-level professionals said they planned to adopt a cloud-based solution during the year, according to the 2022 Nonprofit Research Study—which surveyed 400 nonprofit professionals, including multiple C-suite level…

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Smart Nonprofit Budget Planning: Embracing the Unexpected


We went through tough times. The pandemic was rough on nonprofits, however there will always be unexpected things that arise—pandemic or otherwise. Nonprofits that proactively anticipated change with proper financial planning better weather uncertain times and unexpected fiscal disruptions.  Forward-facing challenges that affect budgets, capacity, cash flow, and planning exist, and communicating those challenges to…

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How Productive and Efficient are Nonprofit Teams in 2022? 

2022_Q2_MIP Research Study_Team Efficiency_Blog

Over the last few years, the pandemic has emphasized the importance of remote work arrangements and increased efficiency.   According to the 2022 Nonprofit Research Study—which surveyed 400 nonprofit professionals—84% of nonprofit teams felt their work was inefficient. Combating this inefficiency in projects and programs was among the top goals for nonprofit leaders in 2022.  Your nonprofit…

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