It’s Always Compliance Season: Crafting Compliance in the Cloud  

Compliance Season

It’s Duck Season. Rabbit Season. Duck Season. Rabbit Season. No, it’s Compliance Season, and we’re here to show you how cloud-based software simplifies nonprofit compliance.    When nonprofit organizations want to increase compliance, look no further than the cloud. The cloud makes nonprofit compliance simple and has several other benefits as well.    How Your Nonprofit Can…

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Mission Possible: Safeguarding Your Data with MFA 

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make your organization’s data as secure as possible. As with any industry, data privacy and security are top concerns for nonprofits. In a 2022 Nonprofit Research Study, 82% of respondents felt strongly about cloud security and believed the cloud was somewhat secure.  During Cybersecurity Awareness…

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40 Years of Stellar Support: Getting to Know MIP’s Customer Support Team  


Possessing nearly 200 years of combined experience, MIP Fund Accounting’s Customer Support team partners with customers to ensure they’re fully supported whenever a need arises.   MIP’s Customer Support team exists to get to know you, your organization, and your needs. The team features several individuals with backgrounds in accounting, technology, and customer service and handles…

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Nonprofit Financial Health Check: Are You Prepared to Weather Uncertainty? 

MIP_Blog_Nonprofit Financial Health Check

Your nonprofit may provide services for thousands of people a year, but when was the last time you examined how you manage your organization’s finances?   Your nonprofit must consider financial reporting processes and internal controls in financial reporting (ICFR), compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, risk management, protecting assets and providing proper financial oversight, and…

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Best Practices for Cloud Implementation  

Migrating to cloud-based software has never been easier.   If you’ve been thinking about moving your organization to cloud-based accounting software, MIP Fund Accounting® makes it simple. Our team is here to ensure your migration experience takes every element into account, and to make sure your organization is fully supported as you move to MIP Cloud.  …

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Improving Your Organization’s HR Processes  

MIP_Improving HR Processes_Blog

Human resource professionals at nonprofits, schools and government organizations are constantly faced with one challenge after the next, and often are juggling full-time staff, part-time staff, and short-term grant-funded positions.  Using Technology to Improve HR Efficiency  When HR departments are spread thin, it can contribute to higher error rates on employee information, or worse, leave your…

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Navigating the Pivot: Finding Sustained Success for Tribal and Governmental Organizations with Accounting Software

Government and tribal organizations have specific needs that can be better served with specialized accounting software. If your organization is using multiple systems to handle your day-to-day accounting, payroll, and reporting, it may be time to review what a fund accounting system can do independently. Here, we explore the common issues fund accounting systems solve…

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MIP Customer Resource Library: How to Maximize MIP to Prevent Fraud, Audit, and Compliance 

22_Q3_Maximize MIP to Prevent Fraud_Blog

Your organization is already in charge of its financial story using MIP Fund Accounting®. Regarding fraud, audit, and compliance, we’ve also got you covered. MIP helps fight fraud, speeds up the audit process, and ensures your organization is always compliant. We want to ensure your nonprofit organization makes informed financial decisions and that your organization…

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Tips for Grant Tracking

Create a Calendar Coordinate Team Roles and Responsibilities Tracking and Reporting Use Software Grants are essential for nonprofit organizations, and they are responsible for much of the good work that happens within communities. Managing your grants is essential to ensure your organization’s success. After the application process, receiving and tracking your grant funding is a…

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