Mariposa Community Health Center 


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Thriving with MIP to Support Public Health in Arizona  

Mariposa Community Health Center (MCHC) had used MIP Fund Accounting® to account for its specific grants for nearly two decades, but the health center was looking for a way to ease the administrative burden on its HR team. The organization turned to MIP and asked for help.  

We recommended that MCHC implement the HR Module to maintain its employee’s histories, manage benefits, generate reports and filing forms, and to pass information seamlessly from its HR system into its payrolls systems. 

“We’ve probably cut our payroll process at least in half,” said Humberto Duran, MCHC CFO. “Now we can pass information, such as benefits and deductions, directly from the HR system into Payroll with no re-entry required, and no concern for duplication of information.”  

Key takeaways include:    

  • How MCHC uses MIP to manage and oversee its funds  
  • How MIP’s modules help MCHC tell its financial story   
  • Why MCHC uses MIP today  

Read MCHC’s case study and let us know how we can help you implement a new fund accounting software program.   

Read our Case Study

Mariposa Community Health Center (MCHC)

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