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Fixed Asset Management for Nonprofits

Ready for an integrated system to manage your fixed assets?

Intuitive Fixed Asset Management Software

Tired of keeping your fixed assets in multiple spreadsheets? Do you know the value and location and depreciation for each fixed asset your nonprofit has right now?

MIP’s fixed asset module helps you track assets from date of acquisition to depreciation to disposal. MIP Fixed Asset’s module was designed to have assets directly integrate into the MIP Fund Accounting Ledger, saving time and ensuring less mistakes.

All nonprofits have assets they are required to capitalize and depreciate according to GAAP and you need a program that can easily automate that work for you.

MIP’s Fixed Asset module offers users an expedient and strategic method for inputting and tracking all needed information about assets including: acquisition date, useful life, warranty information, serial number, tag number and more within this module. Easily apply distribution codes ensuring that depreciation is always charged to the proper cost centers.  

Unlimited asset tracking and comprehensive depreciation and asset reporting, saves you money and time!    

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Your Fixed Assets Solution

Real-time tracking on the value of your fixed assets is key to ensuring every asset of your nonprofit is a benefit to you long-term. By having comprehensive asset and asset group tracking options this module gives you a clear view of every fixed asset you have. With our Fixed Assets module, users are easily able to attach photo images and even warranties to each individual asset record.

Better tracking means less room for fraud or loss for fixed assets that you keep year over year.

For donors or funders our Fixed Assets module enables easily generated reporting to ensure you can transparently show how any donated fixed assets (i.e. land, computers, desks, buildings) are utilized year over year. 

Less manual inputting errors, less workload in managing fixed assets on different spreadsheets and higher accuracy and tracking for these important assets in your nonprofit.  

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