Integrated Human Resource Management Software

MIP gives you the tools and features you need to streamline key HR processes for your nonprofit or association.
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A solution for every HR need

From employee payroll to tax form management, HR accounting demands organization and accuracy. With nonprofit payroll accounting software, you can introduce a single, user-friendly HR cloud solution for all employee HR needs.

HR encompasses all employee concerns, and our employee HR software is design to is designed to help you manage everything in one place. When dealing with employee HR payroll, our accounting software enables you to budget for all paychecks and understand available funds throughout the year. It provides seamless functionality for you to organize and report all nonprofit taxes for regulated payroll taxation. Additionally, you can manage benefit programs like 401(k) packages and pension plans ensuring every team member receives the compensation they deserve.

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HR Assistance

Our nonprofit human resources accounting software offers 24/7 access to web service for HR concerns. Whether an employee missed a paycheck or a team member has a question about their benefits, this self-service function allows individuals to request immediate HR assistance. This ensures your team members feel seen and problems are resolved as soon as they occur.

Human resources is a vital department for managing funds and helping your employees feel cared for. Our comprehensive HR software encourages communication within your team and ensures everyone receives the compensation they deserve. With happier employees, your organization will thrive internally and create mission-focused change within the community.

About Our Products

Our HRMS software is ACA-compliant, intuitive and capable of generating comprehensive reports, making it ideal for government human resources accounting processes.

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MIP’s complementary suite of HR management solutions includes:


Timely and accurate pay for employees, integrated with GL distribution in MIP Fund Accounting.

Human Resource Management

Quick and easy reporting (including ACA, FMLA, and EEO), tax form population, tracking of employee information plus much more.

Employee Web Services

Empower your team to take control of their HR experience with 24/7 self-service web access for both employees and managers.

Benefit Enrollment

Information tracked within HR cloud – such as benefit plan groups and employee data – seamlessly integrated, enabling you to easily manage employee enrollment processes.

Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) helps employees and management perform to their full potential.

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Additional functionality for your human resource management strategy


Tax forms

Prep for federal and state nonprofit taxes with built-in reporting. Receive online tax services and e-filing.


Records management

Generate ACA-compliant nonprofit reporting and filing, and ensure data is auditable and secure.


Print physical paychecks and stubs, print form W-2s and 1099s and access pre-printed forms.
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