How Your Nonprofit Finance Team can Stay Productive During the Summer Months

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While summer ushers in sunshine, barbeques, and warm temperatures, it also might mean your nonprofit will be short-staffed due to employee vacations. This can be especially stressful for organizations with finance departments already spread too thin.

So, how can you compensate for a skeleton nonprofit finance crew and stay productive as the days grow longer? Implementing and leveraging the right nonprofit accounting solution could do the trick. Here’s how you can boost productivity with a nonprofit accounting solution – even while some of your staff members are soaking up the sunshine.

Remote Connection

No one jumps at the chance to work during vacation, but many employees appreciate the flexibility of being able to extend their time out of the office by working remotely on the tail end of their vacation time. A nonprofit accounting solution that uses cloud technology to allow employees to connect from anywhere in the world, as long as they have internet, can help finance professionals stay productive and reduce the pain of coming back to a pile of post-vacation work.

Activating Automation

Leveraging automation capabilities within your nonprofit accounting solution can also help fill the summertime personnel gap. It’s all about making the tools work hard for you, so you can focus on other important tasks.

  1. Import Automation– Save time importing data into your nonprofit accounting software. Some of the leading solutions, like MIP Fund Accounting™, allow users to import data directly from Excel spreadsheets and flat files. You can also save time because the system automatically memorizes and recalls previous transactions, in addition to storing reoccurring entries.
  2. Export Automation– Easy exporting options can also boost productivity and efficiency during the reporting process. Leave your Executive Director or Director of Finance in good hands, even if you’re out on vacation, with a configurable dashboard specifically designed for executive eyes. This executive viewing system lets the shot callers easily see the financial health of the nonprofit without needing to dive into the weeds. If they prefer a deeper dive, MIP’s Excel-based reporting tool called DrillPoint lets users quickly access more information than the executive viewing dashboard and lets them quickly filter using dates.

Stay on Schedule

Prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks, even when staff members are on vacation, by scheduling actions through the accounting software. Automatically schedule tasks like invoicing and emailing reports. You can also use API plugins to help keep your team on track.

Relying on Third-Party Partners

A reliable third-party nonprofit accounting software partner should be there for you at any time of the year, but it is especially critical when you are short-staffed during the summer months and need to stay productive. A third-party partner should be able to answer accounting software questions or resolve issues within 24 hours.

Let your staff return from summer vacation feeling relaxed and refreshed – not worried if the nonprofit finance team is still running efficiently.

To see how leveraging nonprofit accounting software boosts productivity, schedule a demo for MIP Fund Accounting™ today.

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