While MIP began as a vision shared by Bill Locklear and Hans “Rusty” Turley, it is Locklear who, according to the legend, dedicated space in his home for creating the original software that went on to become today’s powerful MIP Fund Accounting solution. 

But there was more to Locklear than being simply a product inventor.  

“I like to feel that I’m contributing to the nonprofits of the country by putting our employees on those products,” he said when reflecting on MIP’s success.  

MIP’s strong reputation for product support is befitting of the climate Locklear and Turley exhibited with their employees. The duo built a vast community of people who shared their love for the work and providing a long-lasting impact. 

In 1995, as MIP staff diligently developed the Windows version of its fund accounting software to keep up with new technology such as email and the world wide web, Locklear was diagnosed with cancer. However, he rarely missed work, despite his ongoing treatments, and never was derailed by the disease, serving as a picture of courage while waging his fight. He complied with his doctor’s instructions during chemotherapy, following a specific diet and leaving the office for home when he became too tired.  

At that year’s annual MIP dinner, held at a local hotel around Christmastime, an “awards” program was among the entertainment for the approximate 25 employees and 50 total attendees. Each award provided an opportunity for recipients to address the crowd with a short acceptance speech. Named as “Most Prolific E-Mailer,” Locklear made his way to the podium dressed sharply in his suit despite the obvious lack of hair on his head and face, a side effect of his cancer treatments. He quietly began his speech by saying “Wouldn’t you know I’d have to give a speech on a bad hair day?”, a self-deprecating joke that epitomized his outlook.  

The courage exemplified throughout his fight and subsequent win over cancer, embodied Locklear. An innovator that forever changed accounting software, he was an inspiration to many. Today, it is fitting that MIP serves numerous clients in the field, including cancer centers and related agencies ranging from research to services.  

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NOTE: Special thanks to Robert “Q” Johnson for sharing his memories about Bill Locklear.  

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