Don’t Let the Myths Rain on your Migration to a MIP Cloud Environment

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We know that any transition can be challenging. But if your organization is considering migrating from an on-premise hosted solution to a cloud environment, the transition may be easier than you think. To help you better understand the cloud and what the transition to MIP Cloud environment entails, we wanted to dispel these myths about the MIP Cloud environment.  

Myth: MIP Cloud isn’t secure. 

Truth:  Cloud security can vary by vendor and it’s important when meeting compliance regulations for data security, and proprietary information that you utilize a vendor that employs those safeguards. The MIP Cloud environment is comprised of layers of security which help reduce the incidence of fraud overall. These security layers include limited user access and permissions, encrypted data, and communications, and SOC compliance endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and its Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE). 

Myth: Data stored in MIP Cloud won’t be safe from fraud or disaster.  

Truth: MIP Cloud uses redundant, offsite virtual servers to ensure data protection in the event of a natural disaster. Using offsite servers also limits access for internal employees and can serve as a fraud deterrent. Strong internal controls are encouraged to deter data theft caused by cyberattacks and fraud, and these controls can be set and monitored with granular assignment of user permissions to access applications or certain files. Additionally, data stored in the cloud is more protected from fraud or disaster, but remember, it’s also key that when you move to a cloud environment you have the proper data backups and redundancies in place. This ensures higher protection in case there is a physical attack on one data center or if a natural disaster should take place.  

Myth: Change is too difficult – it’s hard to migrate to MIP Cloud.  

Truth: Our MIP support team has helped hundreds of nonprofits and organizations migrate successfully to MIP Cloud enabling efficiencies with remote and hybrid work environments. Your team’s productivity increases as automation is incorporated and manual tasks are eliminated. Staff collaborate and work on files in real-time, making data sharing easy and reducing the possibility of errors. Adopting the cloud enables employees to work expediently in any location with an internet connection. MIP Cloud fund accounting software offers modern, at-a-glance dashboard views and powerful reporting features which are innovative and formatted for the way today’s teams work.  

MIP Cloud also helps you simplify and save time where multiple team members can access multiple project budgets in real-time collaboration. Automating collaboration helps reduce the number of manual tasks your team may be incurring.  

Myth: Migrating to MIP Cloud will take too long. 

Truth: Migrating to MIP Cloud can typically be done as quickly as 4-8 hours, which is pre-scheduled for a time that works best for your organization. Any cloud provider you choose should have support throughout the process of cloud migration and a plan for how it will work most efficiently. A fully encrypted backup of all data is done prior to migration to ensure that all original data is preserved prior to migration and can be recovered if needed.  

Myth: MIP Cloud is too expensive. 

Truth: With MIP Cloud, IT costs often go down, as maintenance and support spend is lower or remains the same. Organizations that adopt MIP Cloud also see a reduction in time, labor, and costs often associated with on-premise systems—there is no need to maintain any of the capital expenditures associated with on-premise systems. MIP Cloud costs are calculated by user types and allocated specifically for your organization’s needs.  

Myth: We won’t have support and training once we move to MIP Cloud. 

Truth: MIP Cloud offers ongoing technical support from a dedicated team of technical experts as well as robust training for new and existing staff from Community Brands University. MIP is proud of its award-winning customer support and we help our customers throughout the migration process and at every step of the way in the future.   


Migration to the MIP Cloud can help your organization take flight in its mission and its efficacy. We’re here to launch your migration in the most seamless way possible. If you think you’re ready to move to the cloud, get your free customized demo today.

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