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What Is On-Premise Accounting Software?

Like cloud-based nonprofit fund accounting software, on-premise software is a comprehensive and scalable deployment for your accounting needs. Choosing on-premise accounting software gives you access to:

  • Reliable software with increased security.
  • Constant and immediate support from MIP Fund Accounting.
  • Control over product upgrades.
  • The ability to pay upfront and retain annual maintenance as well as full support.

To use on-premise accounting solutions, your staff will buy, download and install the software. That effort takes a full, experienced IT staff. You’ll need to offer the support your team will require for proper implementation. 

There are also other considerations that can help your nonprofit decide whether you should choose in-house or cloud-based fund accounting software. 

What Types of Organizations Should Use On-Premise?

Many nonprofit organizations use on-premise software to comply with IT policies. Like cloud fund accounting software, our in-house solutions are secure and customizable. Organizations that elect to use on-premise software instead of cloud-based fund accounting typically:

  • Have an existing full-time or contracted IT and support staff.
  • Prefer an offline UI that relies on traditional technology. 
  • Have concerns about internet access or reliability. 
  • Want to avoid monthly subscription costs.
  • Only need access to the software at one location. 

If your organization wants complete control over your software’s upgrades and features, our on-premise solutions may be a better option than our cloud nonprofit accounting subscription. Our in-house software solutions have the same features and capabilities as MIP Cloud software. Your on-campus or contracted IT staff can manage the software’s functions. As your organization grows, you can tailor your software and expand your IT staff. Implementing on-premise accounting software gives you full control over your nonprofit’s financial solutions. 

Our experts can help you choose between on-premise and cloud-based nonprofit fund accounting when you contact MIP for more information about both deployments of our accounting software solutions. Fill out our online contact form to connect with us, or call 800-811-0961. You can also request a demo for your organization today! 

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“Moving to the cloud subscription was really integral to us. If something happened to this building, or if we had some sort of catastrophic event here, we’d still have access to everything by way of the cloud.”

— Alison Rumler-Gomez, Executive Director, CAPCIL