Maximize Efficiency and Time Management for Nonprofits


Your nonprofit is raising funds, hosting influential events, increasing your volunteer network, and it’s resulting in driving a massive impact for your cause. That’s cause for celebration! However, juggling these events, donations, and volunteers can be a time-consuming process. Many nonprofit professionals take on additional responsibilities because they’re passionate about what they do. They want…

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Best Practices for Remote Accounting Teams in 2022

Best practices for remote accounting teams

Whether to lower costs or create a better work-life balance for employees, many organizations are letting people work remotely. Online cloud software makes remote work easier than ever for employees in many departments, particularly accounting. Your team can tackle accounting from home by logging into the software and performing tasks that would previously require them…

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Why Adopting Cloud-Based Software Solutions Is More Important Now Than Ever

adopting cloud-based software solutions

Security Scalability Modules Why Companies Flock to the Cloud COVID-19 pandemic-related changes have left 75% of nonprofit professionals more likely to adopt cloud-based solutions. One reason for this might be that nonprofits are moving toward a web-based workforce, and cloud-based programs will enable employees to access information from wherever they are. But even if your organization isn’t…

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