Why Nonprofits Are Relying More on Technology Due to The Pandemic

Nonprofits provide services to vulnerable populations in the community, but the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the services and operations of these organizations. Due to social distancing measures, the pandemic increased the need for technology in the workplace, and the nonprofit sector is no exception.  To further social change, some nonprofit organizations adopted smart technology and…

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Nonprofit Fiscal Year-End Checklist

fiscal year end checklist

Before your nonprofit’s fiscal year-end, you may want to create a checklist that includes what you need to accomplish. Though checklists can vary from organization to organization, you likely want to include automating your bookkeeping and accounting process, filing your IRS tax reports, scheduling your annual board meeting, and completing the necessary reporting. What Is…

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Top Digital Transformation Trends in Private Schools

In recent years, we’ve seen major digital transformations across almost every industry. In the education industry, technological advancement has changed the way students interact with peers and teachers. As more schoolwork transitions to web-based platforms, the education industry is becoming increasingly dependent on online learning, making digital transformation even more prevalent. Continue reading to see…

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Cloud Services for Universities

Universities are complex organizations with many operational requirements. In the modern age, cloud computing offers a solution to the complexities university face, from engaging students to managing fund sources. Understanding the power of cloud platforms can help you find ways to optimize workflows, improve the university experience, and create a collaborative environment across your campus.…

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Make Life Easier With These Nonprofit Accounting Tips

nonprofit accounting tips

Organize Files Keep the Receipts Deadlines Accounting Software for Nonprofits Have accounting functions for your nonprofit become a chore? If you spend hours manually inputting data for reports and configuring spreadsheets to track your funding sources and expenses, you need to rethink your accounting approach. Implementing new practices into your workday can improve efficiency and…

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What the Great Resignation Means for Your Accounting Team

What the great resignation means for your accounting team

What’s Causing the Great Resignation? How to Manage the Great Resignation How to Respond to the Great Resignation Once your organization has a great team assembled, you want to do whatever you can to keep your employees working for you. A solid accounting team is particularly important for ensuring your organization pays its bills on…

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Why K-12 Accounting Teams Should Embrace Automation

why k-12 accounting teams should embrace automation

K-12 schools across the nation are embracing technology to improve engagement and learning within the classroom. However, it’s usually the opposite within the district’s back-end operations. Many accounts payable departments continue to depend on legacy, proprietary, or manual systems to perform essential functions, such as reimbursement and invoice and expense submission. Without visibility and automation…

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How Healthcare Accounting Impacts the Patient

healthcare accounting

How Healthcare Accounting Impacts the Patient While many hospitals and major medical centers are nonprofit organizations, money still makes them tick. Medical providers need funding to purchase equipment and pay staff salaries. Depending on the provider, funds can come from various sources, such as insurance companies, major donors, and patients who pay for their care…

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