American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 allocates $2.75 billion for private schools

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In March, when President Biden signed into law the $1.9 trillion dollar relief package the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 , it included  $2.75 billion funds designated for private schools. The $2.75 billion earmarked is for governors to share with private schools. These funds are the primary mechanism for supporting schools beyond the public sectors according to the ARP Act.

The act notes the designated funds for governors to distribute to private schools ideally should be targeted at private schools that serve mostly low-income students and those most affected by COVID.

The money for private schools cannot be used for religious instruction, and funds do not go to the schools directly. The ARP Act notes that a public agency must provide the “services or assistance” or create the contract for such services.

With this rescue plan rollout, the government has also launched a superb resource site for schools in order to ensure best practices in usage of the funding to help guide schools to success.  The Safer Schools and Campuses Best Practices Clearinghouse , provides resources for communities, schools, educators, and families working together to continue to reopen our schools for in-person learning and support the needs of all students, particularly historically underserved students and those who have been impacted greatest by the pandemic.

The site will be continuously updated with information in regard to how schools are using funds, as well as tips to ensuring they are meeting the designated usage of the funds adequately.

Additionally, the site has an in-depth resource library with links to many different resources for schools as they are considering the new school year.

With new funds, comes a continued need for all schools to efficiently and expediently, manage financial processes, and ensure they have a fund accounting solution that will grow with them as they grow and expand their school’s diversity and reach.

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