5 Steps to a Resilient and Thriving Nonprofit

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5 Steps to a Resilient and Thriving Nonprofit in –

We know it’s been a tough year in the landscape of nonprofit finance, but take heart, there is a silver lining.  Even with the challenges, the good news is that charitable giving and grantor funding opportunities are on the upswing.

* 38% of organizations report increasing fundraising activities

* 57% of foundations have made new grants as unrestricted as possible, and 64% have reduced what they ask of grantees.

* 7.2% of organizations have seen an increase in overall number of donors

To kick off a successful year, we’re sharing 5 steps to ensuring a resilient and thriving nonprofit:

  1. Be able to successfully adapt to new or continued (virtual) work and fundraising models. Review the infrastructure needed to handle a hybrid or virtual organization. For instance, is now an advantageous time to look at potential adoption of proper cloud solutions and electronic tools?
  2. Go boldly into new virtual asks for major donor stewardship, and virtual fundraising events. See our guide on virtual fundraising.
  3. Have a pro-active plan for increasing other forms of giving like matching funds, grants and legacy fund giving in place for 2021. For example, look at funding opportunities at the local level as well as the national granting sources.
  4. Explore new ways to innovate and obtain funding from other forms of giving like, matching funds, legacy fund giving, and creative fundraising opportunities.
  5. Take advantage of any opportunity to support increased need for programs/services aligned to your community and mission.

Bonus Tip – Build your financial fundraising contingency plans for the next 6-18 months to better weather and capitalize on shifts. Now is the time to climb toward a resilient and new peak year. We will scale the mountain with you and be here on the climb collaborating with you all the way.

We would also love to hear one of your challenges going into the year and we’ll cover those in later Webinars! We’re here to support you and all the good you do in your communities.

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