12 Tips to Help Board Members Become Amazing Fundraisers

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Nonprofits like yours work hard to meet their goals and practice successful community outreach. While board members help govern your organization, they also play a pivotal role in nonprofit fundraising. By advocating for your nonprofit’s cause, board members can extend the organization’s reach and influence — ultimately driving increased donations and sustaining its vital work. Knowing how to cultivate your board’s skills into effective fundraising can be integral to a nonprofit’s fundraising success.

1. Invest in Education and Training

Providing education and training is the foundation for turning boards into incredible fundraisers. Start by offering comprehensive seminars or workshops that cover various aspects of fundraising. These sessions should include donor prospecting, cultivating relationships, making the ask, and stewardship.

Beyond the basics, consider bringing in fundraising experts or experienced development professionals to provide specialized training. You can also encourage board members to attend fundraising conferences and seminars. Providing access to fundraising resources can further support their learning journey.

2. Focus on Mission and Impact

Ensure your board members have a solid understanding of your organization’s mission and community impact. You can communicate success stories, testimonials, and data that showcase the tangible difference your nonprofit is making. Arrange site visits and program tours so board members can witness the organization’s work firsthand. These experiences can deepen their emotional connection to the cause, making them more effective advocates when interacting with potential donors.

In addition, encourage board members to share their personal anecdotes. Authenticity and personal connection are powerful tools in fundraising and can resonate strongly with prospective donors.

3. Clearly Define Roles

Every board member brings unique skills and connections to the table. Maximize their fundraising potential by working with each member to define their specific role in the fundraising process. This might involve identifying their strengths, interests, and areas where they can contribute most effectively.

Remember to establish clear expectations and goals for each board member’s fundraising efforts. Clear expectations ensure everyone understands their responsibilities and can measure their progress. You should regularly review and update these roles to adapt to changing circumstances and priorities.

4. Use Active Engagement

Active engagement is essential for harnessing your board members’ fundraising potential. Encourage them to be hands-on with planning and executing fundraising activities. Assign specific responsibilities based on their skills and interests. Hosting fundraising events can be a powerful way for board members to engage actively. Get them to take ownership of these events, inviting their networks and potential donors. Their direct involvement adds credibility and enhances the personal touch in donor interactions.

5. Leverage Peer Fundraising

Harness the power of personal networks by encouraging board members to engage in peer-to-peer fundraising. Members can leverage their connections, friends, and colleagues to expand their fundraising reach. For this strategy, provide them with the tools and resources to create personal fundraising campaigns, like email templates, fundraising pages, and social media content.

Board members can learn how to communicate the organization’s mission effectively, share compelling stories, and make fundraising asks. Consider using a friendly competition to see who can get the most support, then recognize and celebrate their achievements.

6. Provide Tools and Resources

provide tools

Equipping your board members with the right tools and resources is essential for their fundraising success. Consider offering fundraising materials, templates for donor communication, and access to donor databases to streamline their efforts. You can also provide training on using fundraising technology and software, making it easier for them to track and manage donor interactions. Other strategies include ensuring they can access an updated donor list and relevant data to personalize their outreach.

It’s important to regularly update board members on fundraising progress, and keep them informed about the impact of their efforts.

7. Give Regular Updates

Keeping board members informed is vital for their continued engagement in fundraising initiatives. Regular updates on the organization’s fundraising progress, successes, and challenges help members understand their impact. Share detailed reports and statistics showcasing how they’re helping to make a difference. Additionally, you can hold regular meetings to discuss fundraising strategies and address questions or concerns. Providing a platform where board members can share their insights fosters a collaborative environment.

8. Use Feedback and Evaluation

Establish a feedback loop for continuous improvement, encouraging board members to share their experiences, challenges, and feedback on fundraising activities. It’s important to get their input on what’s working well and where improvements can be made. Use this feedback to refine strategies and tactics for more effective fundraising. Remember that the board members’ diverse backgrounds can provide valuable perspectives for your approach.

Additionally, you can regularly evaluate board members’ fundraising efforts against predefined goals and expectations. Offer constructive feedback to help them grow as fundraisers.

9. Host Donor Tours and Site Visits

Deepen board members’ understanding of your organization’s work with donor tours and site visits. These visits let them witness firsthand the impact of your programs and initiatives. You can also encourage board members to accompany potential donors on these tours, and provide valuable insights and personal narratives about the organization’s work. These visits should be well-structured, informative, and highlight success stories to inspire donor support.

10. Emphasize Accountability

Set clear fundraising goals and expectations to ensure board members remain committed to their fundraising roles. During regular check-ins, you can plan for each board member to report on their progress. These sessions provide an opportunity to assess progress and identify challenges.

If an individual struggles to meet their targets, you can offer support, resources, or additional training. Accountability means a collaborative effort to ensure everyone works effectively toward shared goals.

11. Celebrate Success

Celebrating fundraising successes is an essential aspect of board member engagement. When they reach funding goals, take the time to acknowledge and celebrate these achievements as a team. Publicly recognize board members who have gone above and beyond, and highlight their contributions during board meetings, in newsletters, or on websites. Personalized recognition shows appreciation and motivates others to excel.

In addition, consider organizing special events to honor outstanding board member fundraisers. These occasions create a sense of pride and foster a positive fundraising culture.

12. Adapt and Evolve

It’s important to be open to feedback and willing to adapt your fundraising strategies based on the experiences and insights of your board members. By tapping into your board for ideas, you can identify new avenues, work toward exceeding your organization’s goals, and hit new milestones. For example, a board member may have unique insight into challenges like how to prepare for Giving Tuesday or how to meet a particularly tricky milestone. Overall, your board is an essential resource that contributes directly to your organization’s success.

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