Everything You Need to Know About Grants

Grants are the lifeblood of nonprofits. Without securing funding for budgets, programs, and events, achieving your mission becomes impossible. Various processes and rules are associated with applying for, securing, and managing grants. How well you understand the grant process and what's involved is the difference between whether your organization receives necessary funds or not.

With the current climate of inflation and uncertainty, understanding the keys to grant development and management has become more important than ever.

For this webinar, we’ve partnered with grant management experts from Thompson Grants to provide everything you need to know about grants:

  • How to prepare for the pre-award, post-award, and audit stages of grants
  • Eligibility requirements and important compliance considerations for grant recipients
  • Where to search for federal, state, local, and private grants
  • Roles, responsibilities, and rules for before and after you secure a grant
  • Key areas of focus in Uniform Guidance
  • Proper accounting, reporting, and record-keeping for grants
  • The steps involved in grant audits
  • And more!