Top Reporting Strategies for Nonprofits  

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Financial statement reports. Quarterly reports. Board reports. Reports for auditors. Annual reports. Nonprofits do a lot of reporting to remain viable, continue raising funds for the mission, and demonstrate good fiscal stewardship of grant funds.  

What are the latest data-driven strategies and best practices for nonprofit reporting so your leadership, board, and stakeholders can understand the organization’s financial position and make the best decisions?  

For this webinar on best practices for reporting at nonprofits, we’ve partnered with nonprofit leaders to cover: 

  • How to build systems and processes to capture critical financial and non-financial data 
  • Reaching fundraising goals with better reporting practices 
  • Configuring your accounting system to support internal/external reporting requirements 
  • Compliance considerations for reporting 
  • Drilling down into financial data 
  • Best practices for presentation formatting 
  • And more! 

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