The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Angelo, TX


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The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Angelo (DSA) oversees a thriving Catholic community in West and Central Texas. It encompasses some 50 parishes serving more than 85,000 parishioners and runs nearly 20 ministries. It also manages three Catholic schools, a retreat center, and a cemetery.

The Diocese was managing, tracking, and reporting its financials with QuickBooks. The complexity and size of its financials were immense and growing, and as Comptroller Jen Collier noted, “We were attempting to account for everything in QuickBooks in one chart of accounts. It was overwhelming and a bit ridiculous.”

The DSA needed a full fund accounting solution to effectively track, manage, and support each individual diocese with integrated reporting, billing, and employee insurance costs.

In 2016, the finance team went through the process of implementing MIP Cloud. During the process of cleaning and importing data, Collier and the team were able to move from one fund to 10 funds – more clearly representing their chancery pastoral center, retreat center, cemetery, charity, insurance, and various grant funds. They also streamlined their General Ledger accounts from 695 to 164 and scrubbed their vendor list from more than 5,000 vendors to just over 1,000.

Additionally, with its transition to MIP Cloud, the Diocese was able to better understand its financial picture and find hidden costs in medical insurance.

“The medical insurance we pay for the employees of the Diocese was never budgeted for in QuickBooks,” says Collier. “We spend about $150,000 a month on medical insurance. We billed the individual parishes for their portion and then they reimbursed us. That wasn’t budgeted anywhere – it was just netted. This hid the actual total spend on medical insurance.”

With the move to a true fund accounting solution, the Diocese benefits greatly from the transparency and

in-depth reporting it can now offer during financial council meetings. “With QuickBooks, we had to rely on Excel to create ad hoc reports and attempt to explain details to our board. The previous cumbersome reporting process failed to meet the needs of our end users, our board members.”

The DSA is just one of more than 11,000 nonprofits that use MIP cloud. Read more success stories about migrating to the cloud or a request a demo today!

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