Stories of Migration: Why 11,000 users chose MIP Cloud

The Power of Cloud Migration Turtl

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In order to thrive, organizations evolve, grow and expand their reach to meet ever-changing demands. Change is necessary to be viable and competitive in the future. And it’s easier than you may think.  

There are many stories of organizations just like yours that have successfully migrated to the cloud. These organizations chose the cloud to evolve—allowing them to serve more constituents, offer more services, achieve more aggressive fundraising goals, maintain a more secure infrastructure, and do more to meet their mission. In the cloud, their programs, data and digital assets are secure, available 24/7 and supported by a team of dedicated experts. 

These organizations chose the cloud to evolve. 

MIP’s comprehensive, scalable suite of fund accounting solutions is purpose-built for the way nonprofits, associations, governmental organizations, and educational institutions work. We’ve been an industry leader for nearly 40 years for helping organizations, small and large, effectively achieve their missions in today’s world. We are the only vendor that provides the level of customization and flexibility of choice to meet your organization’s unique needs. And we’re here to help you decide whether the move of migrating your fund accounting to the cloud is right for you. 

Read the success stories of organizations that made the switch to the cloud and learn why MIP Cloud was the right solution for them:  

  • Carolina Family Health Centers (Healthcare) 
  • Town of Rising Sun, MD (Municipal/Government) 
  • The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Angelo, TX (Faith-based Institution) 

Ready to see how MIP Cloud can help your organization grow? Request a demo to schedule a personal product tour with one of our experts.

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