Ready for your nonprofit organization’s soar to success in 2022?

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Ready for your organization’s soar to success in 2022? 

We’ve compiled our best insights to ensure your organization is prepared and structured to thrive in the new year! 

Join our 45-minute webinar as we guide you and your team to:  

  • Plan for budget what-if scenarios with success 
  • Employ strategies for tracking funding
  • Learn new tips for faster reporting
  • Build strong strategic objectives and gain buy-in for execution of them   
  • Use cross-functional accounting integrations to increase organizational efficiency 
  • Collaborate better with finance, human resources and payroll departments  

Who from your nonprofit should attend?  

  • Key decision-makers in HR, Payroll, and Purchasing 
  • CFOs, COOs, Controllers, Finance Managers   
  • Revenue cycle managers and team members  

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