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Nonprofit Financial Health- Research Study Sneak Peek

Tune in to hear this sneak peek webinar full of insights from our Nonprofit Financial Health Research study. With a survey of over 200 nonprofit finance leaders you this study reveals data-driven insights on:

  • How the environment and economic crisis of 2020 impacted nonprofit organizations (operationally and financially).
  • How those impacts alter or changed what is most important to organizations heading into 2021 and regaining financial sustainability. 

We’ll be releasing the full study in early February, and this webinar shares early results and insights with you.

More on the Event:

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more:

  • Key actions taken to sustain mission in 2020 and going into 2021 
  • Expectations of revenue growth over the next 12-18 months 
  • The role of technology for enabling staff to perform daily financial tasks  

Featuring panelists Maureen Blandford, Vice-President Marketing, Community Brands and visionary Product Leader, Brandy Keller.

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