How to Tell Your Nonprofit’s Financial Story

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Best Practices for Demonstrating Transparency with Budgeting, Bookkeeping, and Reporting

Financial storytelling isn’t about math, accounting, or number-crunching—storytelling is a meaningful way to communicate with leadership, your board, key donors and constituents so they can clearly understand your organization’s financial position, even if they’re not accountants.  

Telling your nonprofit’s story correctly is crucial because it:   

  • Contributes to your organization’s fiscal sustainability Allows for better informed decisions   
  • Highlights your organization’s relationship between programs and finances   
  • Boosts the board and leadership’s ability to advocate for more resources   
  • Defines key performance indicators and ties them to future growth   
  • Supports your organization’s mission delivery  

Download this whitepaper to learn how to communicate your organization’s financial story in an impactful way that showcases your data and narrative.  

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