Efficient Accounting with Tech, Integration and Automation

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How can your accounting team save 10 hours per week (about 520 hours a year) with a more efficient process? If your team is dealing with less headcount, how can you remain productive with a leaner team? 

With integrated tech and streamlined, automated workflows, your team can achieve time-savings through quicker reporting, automatically allocating funds and transactions, payroll and benefits integration, and procurement workflows. 

This webinar will cover tactics your team can use today to improve the efficiency of your accounting workflows, including:  

  • How to cultivate fiscal transparency through a segmented Chart of Accounts  
  • Moving from clunky spreadsheets to quickly generating accurate reports 
  • Using automation to simplify workflows for accounting and approvals 
  • How integrated Payroll and HRMS can save time on reporting and benefit management 
  • And more! 

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