Creating a Blueprint for Nonprofit Growth

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Based on industry studies, 80 percent of nonprofit finance professionals say their organization plans to grow in the next 12-18 months. But how do you plan for growth? How are your peers planning for growth? Knowing that nonprofit growth presents its own unique set of challenges, and, if not managed properly, can actually hurt your organization, you need a solid strategy to go forward.

In this session, we’ve taken feedback from hundreds of organizations facing growth challenges and consolidated best practices from Change Management experts into practical ways to evaluate growth opportunities and prepare your organization to dive in.

Learning objectives:

  • Determine which growth opportunities to pursue
  • Formulate a comprehensive growth plan while applying a risk management framework
  • Identify technology requirements for accommodating growth
  • Use effective people management techniques to maintain morale throughout the transition


Brandy Keller
Director of Product Management and Product Marketing, Community Brands – MIP Fund Accounting
Brandy has been an avid volunteer since childhood, working primarily with nonprofits who specialize in child advocacy and animal welfare, and has served on the board of two animal welfare organizations in Austin, TX. Since 2010, she has been working closely with nonprofits to understand their unique challenges and develop technology solutions that empower them to achieve their missions.

Melinda Starkweather
Co-founder, Starkweather Association Services
Melinda has been working with her partner and husband, Joe Plasterer for the last eight years. With their team, they help associations integrate technology into their business models using a combination of assessments, BPMN, custom documentation, and change management. After a number of implementations, Melinda became interested in “the people side of change” and dove into getting certified as a Change Management Professional. Starkweather found that change management techniques provide critical tools to move staff faster from uncertainty to commitment.

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