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Budget Module Power – Watch this on-demand webinar for a deep dive demo into the power of MIP’s budget module.

The Budget module in MIP brings incredible functionality relating to comparing budget to actual, both on an organization-wide basis, and on either a grant, a program, or a departmental basis – depending on the type of organization for whom you work. This user-focused module also gives you the power to set internal controls. Without accurate accounting records, managers cannot make fully informed financial decisions, and financial reports can contain errors. Internal control procedures also help to prevent fraud and identify errors before they become problems.These controls also help you create access as needed for different people on your accounting team.

In this webinar we’ll show a demo of the Budget module and:

  • How to increase efficiency in your budgets
  • How to use internal controls to reduce fraud and identify errors quickly
  • How to set restrictions within the budget for different levels of viewing
  • What are the most expedient ways to build a budget in a Budget Module
  • What are Budget Versions and how to best use them
  • How to configure Budget Comparison Reports to present information in the most readable manner

And other insider tips for how to use your budget module for the most success.

Presenters: Tyler Smith, Solutions Engineer, MIP

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