5 Ways Your Accounting Team Can Save Time

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To manage an organization’s finances, most accounting professionals spend at least 30% of their time each week manually handling data and wrangling different tools. Not surprisingly, over 80% say becoming more efficient is the key to overcoming challenges presented by persistent staffing shortages.*

So, join us for a discussion of 5 specific ways to save time when accounting and reporting across multiple funding sources like grants, fundraising, donations or programs and services so that you have more time for strategic planning and analysis:  

  • Automating to reduce friction in routine tasks 
  • Collaborating in shared virtual workspaces, in real-time
  • Developing strategies to establish a framework for timely, accurate reporting 
  • Saving time with less data importing and exporting 
  • And more! 

Plus, we’ll review two examples of peer organizations that saved significant time on audits and in managing and accounting for multiple funding sources.   

*2023 Nonprofit Research conducted by Pacific Consulting Group

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