5 Steps to a Resilient and Thriving Nonprofit in 2021

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5 Steps to a Resilient and Thriving Nonprofit in 2021

How 2020 changed the landscape of nonprofit finance and what’s next.

Feel like your nonprofit continues to navigate extended uncertainty? Hold tight – we are seeing the silver lining. According to recent data and trends:

  • Charitable giving and grantor funding opportunities have increased
  • 38% of organizations report increasing fundraising activities and 7.2% have seen an increase in overall number of donors
  • 69% of organizations polled shared they are PPP loan recipients

Our own visionary Product Leader, Brandy Keller, has been tracking the data and watching the trends to share how we will all climb the ladder out of what was 2020. We’ll also uncover what’s next for nonprofit finance and the 5 steps to a resilient, brilliant, and thriving nonprofit in 2021.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more:

  • From managing an uncertain future back to a new normal of “business as usual”
  • Understand shifts in giving and funding
  • 2021 outlook for nonprofit organizations
  • Managing changes in revenue mix for your organization in the coming year

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