Strategy Playbook for Nonprofit Fund Accounting

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Are you ready to be a fund accounting superhero for your organization? Do you want to better understand how to close the books and plan for the year ahead? 

This Strategy Playbook has strategies, resources, and best practices to make annual financial planning painless and easy. Download this guide today for super resources on: 

  • How to review, build, and revise your budget  
  • Tips for closing the books  
  • Best practices for your annual report  
  • Staying on top of compliance  
  • Preparing for audits in advance  
  • Strategic planning advice 
  • Understanding human capital needs 

With compliance requirements, staffing challenges, and mounting responsibilities, you’re doing more than ever before. Save time and effort by following these best practices. You are the superhero your organization needs, and experts from MIP Fund Accounting designed this guide to be another tool on your utility belt. 

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