2022 Accounting Trends Report for K-12 Schools 

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Over the last three years, the education sector has experienced significant instructional changes. Schools are nimbler, more responsive to change, and focused on providing instruction in the most streamlined ways possible.   

The long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have had a resonating impact on the industry. According to 2022 K-12 Trends Report—which surveyed 300 school leaders—private and independent schools are experiencing an admissions boom; school technology leaders are digitizing important administrative processes, like tuition management, to make meeting parents simpler; and schools are making new or continuing investments into student’s social, emotional, and mental health.   

However, to fully realize these positive and future-forward changes, schools need a healthy operational budget, increased investment in technology, and a focus on future growth and diversity.   

In this piece, we explore how schools can realize sustained benefits from:  

  • Examining fundraising strategies   
  • Streamlining and automating technology   
  • Adopting financial-focused software to improve schoolwide efficiency  

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