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Are you ready to dump the paper and automate your purchasing, accounts payable and invoicing?

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No matter what the size of your nonprofit – a streamlined system of purchasing, invoicing, and reporting is going to boost your efficiency and expediency. MIP’s Fund Accounting Solution was built for nonprofits and their unique needs. Our system is built for you to be able to easily record invoices and payments that can be tracked across an unlimited number of cost centers, departments, programs, grants, and other reporting segments.

When it comes to reporting you need more, not less and we give users reporting that allows unlimited vendor activity analysis. And as your nonprofit grows you need a solution that will grow with your new purchasing as well as reporting all the while maintaining multiple accounts payable control accounts, if needed. 

MIP is committed to saving you time and money. 

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Increase Purchasing Efficiency

You also need a solution that can help you quickly detect any fraud and financial mismanagement and enables you to easily reconcile all invoicing and accounts payable. By the way, whether you need to print or electronically file 1099s, our MIP solution can do both for you.

Go from manual to automation to pay invoices recorded in one fund out of another with automatic inter-fund entries to ensure balancing. Track all your vendors in with comprehensive vendor tracking including centralized record storage, balance, and history tracking for an unlimited number of vendors.

Ensure that your nonprofit can consistently have valuable metrics with our MIP built-in report writer giving you a virtually unlimited vendor activity analysis. 

Ready to have a solution that was designed to have flexible configuration to match the unique needs of most nonprofit organizations? Want the ability to customize forms, invoices and statements with a virtually unlimited number of user defined fields? Need a solution that can fully integrate with your current system?    

Our tools provide you a clear method to customize all your purchasing and accounts payable unique processing requirements.     

Learn more about how our system saves you time, paper, and manual tasks!     

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Our software is built with scalability in mind.

We offer a manageable growth plan through our modular system and product updates.

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