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Tracking every budget need for your nonprofit. A long-term strategic planning tool.

The Budget Planning Tool You Need

Budgeting and tracking your budget is the most important needs every nonprofit uses to ensure accurate reporting, auditing and balancing for mission. Having a flexible tool for managing your budget through any shifts in mission and services, as well as increased growth is vital to a successful fiscal year.

You need a tool that brings all the budget capabilities in one application itself. No external applications needed. 

Products not designed for nonprofits and governments all too often treat budgeting as an “add-on”. MIP recognizes the importance of budgeting as both a compliance and planning tool. We provided industry-leading budgeting features directly integrated with the rest of the application. 

The Budget module in MIP Fund Accounting brings superb functionality, transparency, and expediency for your nonprofit budget. MIP’s Budget Module offers vital integration for producing an unlimited number of budget scenarios/versions. Tracking of budgets for any fiscal range. Easily generate budget performance reports, including basic budget to actual comparisons, trend reports, forecasting reports and more.  

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Your Complete Budgeting Solution

At MIP, we understand you need a powerful planning and reporting tool to use when creating budgets for any timeframe including when creating for multiple fiscal years. Our Budget Module tool lets users create any number of customized reports and budget what-if scenarios. Executive View enables you to set view rights as well as move budget creation and monitoring process to the managers who are responsible for it.

If your organization is relying heavily on Excel as your budgeting tool it might be time to consider a more powerful budgeting solution that will grow and scale with your organization as it grows.

Our flexible, user-intuitive budget module ensures your organization stays on track for your mission’s bottom line.

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built with scalability in mind.

We offer a manageable growth plan through our modular system and product updates.

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