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The Temple of Fund Accounting: Searching for Adventure in MIP Cloud and MIP On-Premise 

MIP_Summer Fund Camp Scavenger Hunt

Dust off your fedora and find your bullwhip. We’re going on a treasure hunt to discover the differences between MIP® Cloud and MIP On-Premise. 

It’s essential to have flexibility in your software solution. With MIP Fund Accounting, you have the choice to continue your journey with our award-winning MIP On-premise system or our top-rated  MIP Cloud solution. Whichever your option may be, we are here to partner and support you on your fund accounting journey. 

You throw me the idol, and I’ll throw you the MIP. Jokes aside, MIP Cloud is the MIP you know and love in an always-connected interface. Access your organization’s financials from anywhere you have internet, and realize sustained success everywhere. The cloud has several benefits, including: 

  • Disaster Preparedness and Data Loss Prevention 
    • You can’t prepare for them, but how long would it take your nonprofit to get up and running after disaster strikes? MIP Cloud uses multiple offsite virtual servers to ensure data is protected and available after a natural disaster. If something happens to your office, your data is safe, and you can resume operations sooner. The cloud also offers peace-of-mind data backups. If something happens to your operational data, it can be restored to ensure business continuity.  
  • Real-time Dashboards 
    • Real-time, customizable dashboards present your most relevant fiscal data which allow your organization to make informed financial decisions. Plus you can drill down from the dashboard window into data to create actionable insights.
  • Decreased IT Overhead and Cost 
    • Organizations that adopt MIP Cloud often see a lowering or maintaining of server, maintenance, and support spend. Cloud adopters also see a reduction in time, labor, and costs often associated with on-premise systems.  Save money by streamlining your vendor spend to one comprehensive platform. 
  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation  
    • MIP Cloud features the Bank Feed module which links with your financial organization to reconcile your transactions automatically. Save time and prevent duplicate entry.  
  • Award-winning Support  
    • MIP’s support team partners with your organization to treat you as more than just a ticket with our superlative team of Community Account Managers. We’ve also developed Community Brands University and the MIP Knowledge Base to ensure every question you have has an answer that’s quickly and readily available.  

MIP On-Premise still accounts for your future but relies on your organization for the technological infrastructure, technical support and troubleshooting. On-Premise customers still have access to the suite of MIP solutions but will be responsible for disaster planning, updates, back-ups, and technological infrastructure. However, your organization will still receive access to our stellar support team, and training opportunities.  

Upgrading is much easier than securing the Holy Grail from a temple. We migrate your data, and within hours your organization is in the cloud. With our cloud-based solution, your organization can benefit from increased efficiency and a greater return on investment from taking the infrastructure work off your organization. Request a demo today and find out what you’ve been missing.  

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