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Mission Possible: Safeguarding Your Data with MFA 


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make your organization’s data as secure as possible. As with any industry, data privacy and security are top concerns for nonprofits. In a 2022 Nonprofit Research Study, 82% of respondents felt strongly about cloud security and believed the cloud was somewhat secure. 

During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re promoting general practices your organization should implement to improve its cybersecurity. A meaningful way to keep your data secure is through multi-factor authentication (MFA).  

What is MFA?   

MFA increases the security robustness of a system by introducing a layered approach to verifying a user’s identity. Users are required to provide different types of credentials before the system allows them in. That extra layer will come to a user via text or authenticator app.

MFA gives your organization the peace of mind of adding another step to deter unauthorized users from accessing your information.  

Why You Need MFA  

MFA helps prevent hackers from getting into your organization’s system and stealing your organization’s personal data. It allows your nonprofit to enforce a more secure login process so you can take every step to protect your data. MFA also represents a critical step toward data privacy and security regulations compliance. 

Adding this extra layer of security goes a long way toward addressing concerns about data security and continues your organization’s commitment to consistently meet data privacy and security regulations.   

When your nonprofit uses MFA, you can happily accomplish your mission to upgrade your organization’s security, and you won’t even need the help of Tom Cruise.  

Learn more about MIP Fund Accounting and the benefits of MIP Cloud today. Request a demo to learn how your organization can benefit from MIP Cloud.  

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