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People-powered Problem Solvers: How to Maximize MIP® for Human Capital Planning


When it comes to your organization, there’s no more important asset than your employees.  

In this era of remote and hybrid work models, ask yourself: is your organization doing everything it can to accommodate your employees’ human resources and payroll needs? If you’re still relying on paper processes for any element of these essential tasks, you’re missing the mark for your employees.  

According to the 2022 Nonprofit Research Study (which surveyed 400 nonprofit professionals), nearly half of nonprofit professionals used six digital tools to do their jobs, with 23% of professionals relying on eight digital tools to accomplish their goals—using these siloed tools resulted in decreased efficiency. Seventy-eight percent of nonprofit professionals said they spend at least a quarter of their workday managing multiple systems. 

The solution to this decreased efficiency? MIP People, our HR and payroll solution. MIP People integrates into MIP and is a complete solution for HR and payroll needs. Eliminate external solutions and stop relying on importing and exporting data. Your organization can reduce human error and prevent duplicate entry with a solution that integrates seamlessly with your finances.  

Integrated Payroll  

Our payroll module allows your organization to produce timely and accurate pay for your employees. The module is fully integrated with MIP and allows your organization to generate fully allocated accounting entries and keep comprehensive employee records using the payroll module. Come tax time, the module is fully tax-compliant and features paper and e-filing options for both state and federal forms. 

The module also accommodates direct deposit, allowing your organization the option to deposit employees’ pay into multiple accounts automatically with each paycheck. Every direct deposit is automatically recorded to allow for effortless report generation and tracking without needing a data export. Learn how to set up direct deposit within MIP

People Management  

Elevate your organization’s human resources operation with our HR module. Streamline your payroll process by making updates and changes to employee information directly within the Human Resources module. The module integrates your payroll and MIP to provide quick and easy HR reporting—including ACA, FMLA, and EEO—and tax form population. 

With the module, your HR team can quickly and efficiently track employee data, including certifications, education, review dates, and benefit plan adjustments. You can even design and track any process your organization would want with HR Processes.  

If that wasn’t enough, we have additional modules that elevate the experience further. Our Employee Web Services (EWS) module streamlines timesheet entry and provides employees and managers 24/7 web access to paystubs, benefits information, and important employee messages. The EWS portal accommodates several different timesheet entry preferences and includes the option to record hours by multiple cost centers. The portal allows your HR team to focus on managing employees instead of responding to different information requests. 

Finally, let your employees manage their benefits selections by providing them access to review current benefits and easily make future elections through a self-guided process directly from a web-based portal through our benefits management add-on. Your HR team even benefits from this with built-in automation that tracks dates for your team, so they won’t have to.  

Recapture efficiency and reallocate time for your HR department to focus on other tasks while simplifying your employees’ needs for straightforward HR, payroll, and benefits management. MIP People is the people-powered problem solver for your organization. 

Don’t have the Payroll or HR modules? Learn more! 

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