Managing Your Mission Easier: Insights Into the Nonprofit Sector


MIP General Manager of Nonprofit Solutions Neil Taurins discusses key trends

With all the changes that have taken place in the past few years, accomplishing your mission can feel like a herculean task at times, however nonprofits are resilient and driven. To make accomplishing your mission easier, you should examine administrative workloads, and see if implementing new technology can free up resources and time.  

Neil Taurins, General Manager of Nonprofit Solutions at Community Brands, discusses nonprofit insights and trends for our blog. He has been with MIP for more than 12 years and is passionate about working with nonprofits to provide solutions to improve efficiency and better help accomplish their mission.   

Question: What’s your approach to leadership? 

Neil Taurins: If I were to use one word to describe my leadership style, it would be supportive. I have a team that I have complete trust in that they are able to get the task at hand done, but also provide my support to the team by getting my hands dirty with them to dig deeper to solve the problem at hand.  

Q: When it comes to nonprofit accounting, what do you think is the biggest benefit of MIP?  

NT: Reporting. I have had many conversations with prospective customers throughout the years and this is one area of functionality that has been a frustration point for accountants, CFOs, and executive directors who need to be able to show the health of their organization to the board or show grantors how their money is being spent. 

Q: What sort of benefits does the cloud offer nonprofits?  

NT: In this era of remote work, relying on on-premise systems can negatively affect business continuity and deter people from doing their jobs. Meeting employees where they’re at is the most critical aspect of a modern-day workplace. Nonprofits that use the cloud for HR and finance functions benefit from file encryption, secure communications, regular backups that ensure systems stay up-to-date, digital firewalls and access controls, and industry-best security standards.   

Q: How can nonprofits build efficiencies and approach technology in their organization?  

NT: We conducted a recent research study that shows that most nonprofits are using too many technological solutions to accomplish their mission, and it is costing them efficiency. Ideally, executive leaders should seek out a solution that combines many of those siloed processes into one solution.  

Q: What should a prospective organization know about MIP? 

NT: MIP Is a robust accounting solution that was developed by nonprofit accountants for nonprofits. This is our passion, and we continue to improve on the product by adapting to the changing landscape of nonprofit needs. From a leadership perspective to a day-to-day operational perspective, MIP fits the needs of your organization.  

We are the leading nonprofit fund accounting solution, and we take pride in that. MIP offers robust reporting, unlimited fund tracking, cloud capabilities and add-on modules that grow as your nonprofit grows. Consolidate your overburdened tech stack and realize sustained success with MIP.  

Q: Is there a nonprofit trend you’re looking forward to in 2022? 

NT: Nonprofits have been in a time of uncertainty over the past two years with the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic and this has affected many organizations’ cash flow. Going forward, while challenges remain, the nonprofit sector has a strong resiliency and will continue to find ways to do more with less resources, and better utilize their staff.  

In our recent research study, we’ve found that nonprofit organizations are functioning at a near pre-pandemic level of operational efficiency, but that they’re also struggling with managing change. As we progress in the year, optimizing efficiency is going to be key. Whether that’s through better allocating resources or adopting a cloud-based resource—which most nonprofits already plan to do this year—the organizations that learn to do more with less are going to be the ones that are most successful.  

Q: Favorite book? 

NT: I’m not a huge reader, but would have to say my all-time fave would be “Watership Down” by Richard Adams. 

Q: Favorite podcast? 

NT: Crime Junkies! Saw them live too. 

Q: Favorite activity outside of work? 

NT: Fly fishing. Always have a Tenkara rod or a fly rod in the back of my car…just in case! 

Neil is here to make sure your fund accounting needs are met. Learn more about MIP Fund Accounting here, and connect with MIP Fund Accounting on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


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