Lights, Camera, Action! How MIP Could Have Helped Famous On-Screen Accountants 


Whether working at a paper company, serving time for wrongful imprisonment, or working at a parks department in Pawnee, Indiana, Hollywood loves to lean on accountants for some of its most meaningful roles.  

Actors are playing accountants and having some real FUN-d with their characters. Come with us as we explore some notable accountants and examine how MIP Fund Accounting® could make their lives a little easier:  

1. Kevin Malone, Angela Martin, and Oscar Martinez—The Office  

This trio of accountants was always nearby when hijinks were afoot. From spilling chili, leading the party planning committee, and being the voice of reason to many of their regional manager’s most obscure pranks, The Office’s accountants were with the show for all nine seasons in some form or another. MIP Cloud® could’ve helped them and the teetering Dunder Mifflin optimize their inefficient processes. MIP Cloud is designed to track unlimited funds and manage financial books with ease. Paper (and on-premise systems) are history, and while MIP’s Cloud won’t help Kevin keep a firmer hold of his chili, it would help the Dunder Mifflin crew make more informed decisions quickly. 

2. Andy Dufresne—Shawshank Redemption  

Before his triumphant escape, Andy Dufresne served consecutive life sentences at Shawshank State Prison for a double murder he didn’t commit. But in a past life, he was the vice president of a bank in Portland, Maine, and regularly practiced accounting. While in prison, the warden relied on Dufresne’s skills to launder money for the prison. Still, he ultimately got the last laugh when after escaping, he withdrew more than $370,000 of the laundered funds as “severance pay for 19 years,” and turned over evidence of the warden’s crimes. MIP would’ve made Dufresne’s decision to turn in the warden even simpler. MIP has strong internal controls that ensure you control who has access to your account, and its complete audit trail ensures that every change is documented and logged. When turning in the warden, all the proof Dufresne would need would have been right there.  

3. Ben Wyatt—Parks and Recreation  

At age 18, Ben Wyatt was mayor of Partridge, Minnesota, when a disastrous investment in winter sports complex Ice Town sunk his political career; he transitioned to a life of servitude working as an accountant. Eventually, Wyatt was brought to Pawnee as part of a team assigned to audit and counsel the city’s parks and recreation department. Luckily, MIP eliminates the stress associated with audits. Besides the internal controls, MIP Cloud lets your organization grant auditor access to review your financial statement remotely. Plus, MIP centralizes all your organization’s financials into one system to track an unlimited number of funds, grants, services, projects, locations, and more, enabling you to create reports that are meaningful for you and your stakeholders while staying compliant with state, county, and federal audit reporting standards. For Wyatt, his auditing career ended after he joined the Parks Department and started dating Leslie Knope.  

It’s undeniable the benefits MIP could offer these silver-screen accountants. While those accountants are fictional, you can make a real impact by joining the thousands of other nonprofits using MIP to account for their futures. MIP has been the nation’s leading fund accounting software for 40-plus years featuring comprehensive reporting, budget management, integrated human resources and payroll systems, and so much more. Discover the benefits of MIP Fund Accounting today.  

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Eric Oliver

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