Bright Spots in 4th Quarter in Foundations Arena

light at end of tunnel

We know it’s been a tough 2020 and going into 4th quarter we wanted to relate a few glimmers of light at the end of 2020 tunnel we can all head toward. Particularly in the foundations arena, according to the latest report from the Center of Effective Philanthropy, there is good news on the foundation side and donor side.

Let’s take a look at the foundation bright spots in 2020 4th quarter lighting the way to 2021 as well.

Positive news on the foundations front since the pandemic’s beginning include:

  • 66% of foundations surveyed had eliminated or loosened restrictions on existing grants
  • 64% reduced what is asked of grantees
  • 57% are making new grants as unrestricted as possible
  • 52% are contributing to emergency funds

Additionally, looking at 2021, an important note in the data is that over 79% of CEP’s surveyed organizations plan to expand the use of online fundraising as a source of income in 2021. Note as well, that 81% of surveyed organizations plan to create virtual events.

The survey reveals that foundations are dedicated to supporting non-profit fundees through 2021 by being flexible in light of some of the obstacles the pandemic has created. It’s a good time to look at all your foundation grants and see if there are some that you can review or revise. And it’s also a great time to communicate with your existing foundation funders/grantors and ask them what changes they are making in regard to 2021 and funding restrictions.

Remember too it’s never too early to start looking at new ways to find foundational grant monies including on: CauseIQ trends in and Grants to Nonprofits list and (follow the foundations and you’ll get visibility and alerts to when they post new funding opportunities.)

Foundations are open to new ideas and new ways of all of us getting out of the pandemic tunnel successfully. We will continue to show the foundation and donor bright spots. We’re here to support you in 2021 and going forward as we work together to rebuild momentum and continue in resilience.

For more information on donor insights from the latest CEP study – see GiveSmart’s post here >

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