Best Practices for Cloud Implementation  


Migrating to cloud-based software has never been easier.  

If you’ve been thinking about moving your organization to cloud-based accounting software, MIP Fund Accounting® makes it simple. Our team is here to ensure your migration experience takes every element into account, and to make sure your organization is fully supported as you move to MIP Cloud.  

We want to give every client the tools they need to be amply prepared to begin using the cloud.   

Count On Us 

Regarding cloud migration, you can count on the MIP Client Services Team to handle your organization’s entire migration to the cloud. They have 75 combined years of experience with MIP, more than 200 combined years of experience in accounting. 

We partner with you to provide a streamlined customer experience from when you choose MIP to when you start using MIP. We work with your organization to get set up in our cloud environment. After you’re live, we then handle the data backup and software update processes, so you don’t have to.  

We want to ensure your organization feels supported throughout the entire implementation and migration process, and you can successfully begin accounting for your future.  

An Extra Set of Hands 

MIP has several implementation services for organizations looking for additional support to create a custom process. We can provide other services to support your organization’s migration, such as:  

  • Providing custom training opportunities 
  • Building import/export files to bring in data from secondary systems  
  • Migrating your data from your current platform into MIP  

These advanced services go beyond our implementation process to ensure your organization is set up for success.  

Life in the Cloud 

MIP Cloud is the MIP you know and love in a modern, always-available environment.  

Get ready to experience a myriad of benefits, including:  

  • Multiple, offsite virtual servers to ensure your data is secure in the event of a natural disaster or even if human error causes a mistake  24/7 access that lets your staff work anytime and anywhere they have an internet connection 
  • Decreased onsite and IT costs by removing the capital expenditures associated with operating on-premise systems  
  • Time savings with automatic software updates, database backups, and report queuing that allows you to keep using MIP while running a report  
  • Pull in transactions from your bank’s electronic statements and let MIP automatically match them to MIP transactions with Bank Feed 
  • Security and internal controls that ensure only your organization accesses its data  

Get ready to take your organization into the cloud. Reach out and learn more about cloud migration today.  

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