4 Strategies to Help Attract New Donors  

4 Strategies to Help Attract New Donors

Attracting and retaining donors is at the heart of nonprofit success and growth. It’s crucial for nonprofits to understand the strategies available to them to better attract, influence, and retain new donors as they work towards their missions. 

1. Meet your potential donors where they are.  

Attracting new donors depends on your marketing and networking presence online and in your community. Consider boosting your social media presence on platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok. Make a statement at local virtual and in-person events to meet and influence new donors with mobile giving, text-to-donate, or virtual voting competitions. 

When asked which medium influences donors to give to charity: 15.6% said social media 36.5% said word of mouth 38.7% said independent research 

Did you know? More than 5 in 10 people who engage with nonprofits on social media seek out more information on the organization later. Expand your presence across platforms and attract and influence donors of all generations. 

2. Information security is a top concern for donors.  

Offering transparency into your platform and its security features can further influence an on-the-fence donor to contribute if they feel their information is secure and your fundraising site is legitimate.  

Meet GiveSmart, Community Brands’ fundraising platform. GiveSmart is PCI and SOC 2 compliant. Its rigid security and privacy standards keep the 80,000+ transactions it processes a month safe to best benefit your mission. 

Only 36% of nonprofit professionals completely trust their current technology to guarantee the security of their donors’ personal information 99% of nonprofit professionals feel it is important to guarantee the security of donor information 

Pro Tip! Make sure your website and fundraising campaign sites are professional, branded, clean, and user-friendly. A professional appearance and secure giving options translate into a positive giving experience for your donors. 

3. Offer simple, fast ways to contribute as well as alternative giving and payment options.

Make sure your donor platform supports a variety of ways to give like: 

  • Recurring giving options  
  • Digital wallet options  
  • Text-to-give 

When it comes to attracting donations: 29% of nonprofit professionals would say their donor experience is time-consuming and 19% of nonprofit professionals would say their donor experience is frustrating. Make giving to your organization as easy as possible.  

Learn more about how accepting digital wallet payments benefits your nonprofit. 

4. Use peer-to-peer fundraising to attract more donors.  

A peer-to-peer campaign relies on your donors to network on your mission’s behalf and it’s a guaranteed way to attract new donors. Via social media and word-of-mouth, every peer-to-peer fundraiser brings in donors who may have never touched your organization before. 

  • 42% of fundraising professionals polled have leveraged peer-to-peer campaigns to expand their nonprofit’s fundraising reach 
  • 57% of nonprofits polled have never tried peer-to-peer fundraising  

Making Giving Simpler With GiveSmart 

MIP and GiveSmart are part of the Community Brands suite of solutions. GiveSmart offers flexible, customizable features to support your online fundraising all year round. Whether you host a distinguished, annual event or you are looking for a platform to support any fundraiser of yours, we are the solution to support your mission. To speak directly with a fundraising expert about GiveSmart’s comprehensive fundraising and auction features, visit givesmart.com/demo or call 800-667-8075. 

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